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Black Water Divers

Black Water Divers, Inc. is a commercial diving company with an established track record of successful completion of many challenging projects. We perform a wide array of inland/coastal/offshore diving tasks.

Black Water Divers Inc. has 20+-combined years of commercial diving, supervisory and project management experience. Our highly qualified and experience dive teams will assure you that we can handle and complete all of your underwater projects.

We are fully licensed and insured and only employ commercially trained hardhat divers.

Blackwater Divers Inc. experiences includes; heavy lift salvage, extensive under water bridge/pile inspection/restoration, scour surveys, expert ship inspection/cleaning/repairs, sheet pile installations/inspections (visual and ultrasonic), dredging, pipe plug installation and removal, storm sewer and box culvert de-silting, water treatment facilities, installation & repair of numerous erosion control products, power plant and paper mill maintenance, trash rack and traveling water screen inspection/repair, under water video, cathodic protection, surveys, hydrographic surveys, non-destructive testing, anode inspection & installation etc.

We hope you will consider us in the future for all of your underwater needs. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.